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Which is the Best Tony Hawk Game?

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The Tony Hawk games were favorites of mine, right from the very first iteration back on PlayStation 1 in 1999. In todays post we rank the top 12 Tony Hawk games from worst to best. There have ...

What’s Happening with Skate 4?

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So is Skate 4 actually happening or not? We get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the popular skateboarding franchise. There are few contenders in the skateboarding game arena, with ...

The Best Skateboard Art

skateboarding art

There's no mistaking it, the skateboarding community has some of the most creative and talented people around. The skateboarding scene is a breeding ground for self expression, and continuously ...

What is Pickleball?


Curious about pickleball? So were we! In today's article, we explain how this game came to be, and just why it's so popular in certain parts of the world. Pickleball is a paddle-based ball ...

Beginner’s Guide to Tennis

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New to tennis and need a little help with the rules? Don't worry, we explain the scoring system and rules, besides explaining the interesting history of how the game came to be. Tennis is a ...

Why Heart Rate Rises & How to Lower it

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In today's health article we take a look at heart rate. Specifically, why it increases during exercise and how to lower a resting heart rate. We have all been there. You decide you want to ...

10 Greatest Athletes of All Time

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We've put our necks on the line and listed our top 10 sports stars of all time. See if you agree with the Skill Speed Power team in today's controversial post. When deciding who the best ...

How to Become a Sports Agent


Thinking about becoming a sports agent? We explain the steps in making it to the very top of the business. The world of sports is an incredibly competitive and cut-throat environment. That ...

Beginner’s Guide to Soccer


Interested in playing soccer but don't know where to start? Don't worry, in today's article we explain how to play soccer, as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the ...

The 10 Most Unusual Sports


The world sure has produced some weird sports over time. Though everybody’s familiar with the core concepts of popular sports such as basketball, football and hockey, there are some lesser-known ...

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