The 5 Biggest Sport Stadiums

big stadium

Today we list the 5 biggest sports stadiums around the world. Amazingly, not a single European or South American soccer stadium gets a look in!

big stadium

There is a certain atmosphere that comes from being in a sports arena. Thousands of fans, all gathered together for the same purpose, cheering on their favorite team. Have you ever just sat down, and felt the unity between you and your fellow fans?

Sport stadiums are built to accommodate as many fans as possible, and you have probably seen some big stadiums, but have you ever been to one of the biggest? We’re going to take a quick tour of five of the world’s biggest stadiums, so get ready to have your mind blown. Just wait until you see how big the largest stadium in the world is.

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5. Kyle Field – 102,733

Kyle_Field_Panorama view

The fifth largest stadium in the world can be found in College Station, Texas. It has been home to the Texas A&M college football team for over a hundred years. This massive stadium not only boasts the privilege of being one of the biggest stadiums in the world, but it has also seen thousands of games throughout the years.

The stadium is the largest in the Southern Eastern Conference and the fourth largest in the NCAA. The stadium has a record attendance of 110,63 which was set in 2014. During that game Texas A&M lost to the Ole Miss Rebels with a score of 20-35. This was the largest football game attendance in Texan history. Due to the increased capacity, the stadium has undergone renovations and expansions which have seen the already massive building expand its capacity by as much as 12,000.

4. Ohio Stadium – 104,944


Our next stadium can be found in Columbus and is home to the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Ohio State Marching Band. The stadium was built on the university campus and was also the home ground of the MLS side Columbus Crew.

Construction on the massive structure began in August 1921, and the Buckeyes played their first game in the stadium on October 7, 1922. The stadium features a unique horseshoe design that allowed as many people as possible to come and watch the game. When it was first built, the stadium could seat just under 70,000 people. Today, it is the fourth largest stadium in the world.

Thanks to many successful seasons, the Buckeyes drew in large numbers of people. This led to renovations and upgrades to allow for more seats. The university recently announced plans to renovate the building and remove some of the seats, which means that it will not remain at this size for very long. The upgrades will feature better seating on the B-deck and concrete restoration of the surrounding areas.

3. Beaver Stadium – 110,753


This stadium is known for being one of the most intimidating grounds for opposition teams to visit. The stadium brings a new meaning to “home turf advantage.” Built on the Pennsylvania State University campus and home to Penn State, this stadium was built to impress.

The original stadium was much smaller, and was only able to seat a little over 60,000 fans. The stadium was moved and renovated after the 1959 season when the board realized the need for a bigger stadium. Fans wanted to come cheer on the team, but there was not enough space for them. The stadium features many luxury lounges and enough rest rooms for the fans.

Due to its size, this stadium is known as the Mecca of college football. Opposing teams hate visiting the stadium due to the size of the crowds that are drawn in to watch. Penn State has the massive advantage of being used to the massive crowds.

2. Michigan Stadium – 113,065


Michigan Stadium, or “The Big House” is home to the University of Michigan American Football team. The structure was originally built in 1927 at a staggering cost of $1.4 million. The home team, the Wolverines, have managed to draw in massive crowds ever since their season in 1975. This has resulted in upgrades and renovations leading to its massive size.

Almost everyone in Michigan can tell when there’s a Wolverine home game since the crowds are so massive. The stadium was built on an old family farm and much of the land had to be reworked to accommodate the massive building. It was worth it though, since the stadium receives thousands of visitors every year.

1. Rungrado May Day Stadium – 114,000


The world’s biggest stadium opened in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang in 1989. Back then, the stadium boasted a capacity of 150,000. Since then, the area has been remodeled and the capacity was reduced to its current total of 114,000 which is still impressive. The stadium can host a multitude of different sports and has been used extensively by the country for all sorts of major events.

stadium from_Yanggakdo_International_Hotel

The stadium’s first massive event was the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students. Although the stadium is well-equipped to host sports events, the stadium is also used to celebrate the country and its culture. Every year, International Workers’ Day is celebrated on May Day. The stadium is a source of national pride and every sports fan should see it at least once in their lifetime.

The stadium is also the site of the popular “Arirang Festival” which is a gymnastic and artistic performance featuring 100,000+ performers. The stadium may be young, but it has a fascinating history which includes executions, exhibitions and major sporting events.

Wrap Up

Have you ever been to one of these sporting stadiums? These gigantic landmarks will leave even the strongest person feeling small and insignificant. And the atmosphere in any one of them during an event is something that should not be missed. If you are a true sporting fan, you should make it your goal to visit at least one of these stadiums. Each stadium has a rich and fascinating history behind it and is usually a source of pride for its home town or country. Make it your aim to visit at least one.

Have you been to any of these massive stadiums? How was the atmosphere? Let us know in the comments down below.

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