The Essential Pickleball Equipment

pickleball player hits ball

If you are interested in getting started in the fun and interesting sport of pickleball, there are many things you need to invest in. Check out our guide to the pickleball equipment you shouldn’t be without!

pickleball player hits ball

Are you looking for something different to play with your friends, colleagues or relatives? If you already enjoy racquet sports like badminton, tennis and table tennis, you may find pickleball exciting. Maybe you have already played it and know exactly what it’s like or you are just looking for a new pursuit. You need to invest in the right sort of equipment.

In the following guide, we are going to look at all the things you need for a good pickleball set. However, if you are completely new to the sport, it may be worth considering what is actually involved in pickleball.

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Pickleball – What is it?

Pickleball, it has to be said, has a very ridiculous sounding name. However, the actual game is not as ridiculous as you might think and is actually a very technical and skilled game and looks amazing when played with finesse.

Pickleball is a sport that uses a paddle, in a similar way to other racquet sports, and features elements of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. It is suitable for either two or four players and involves paddles made from composite materials or wood and a perforated ball being hit over the top of a net, in a similar way to Waffle Ball.

As noted, the sport shares similar elements and is played on a court that has the same kind of layout and dimensions of a double’s badminton court. The rules and net are very much the same as tennis, with some modifications. It was first invented and introduced during the mid-’60s as a pastime for children to play.

Now that we’ve outlined briefly what is involved in the wonderful game of pickleball, we can continue with our review of the best pickleball accessories and pickleball gear that will help you have all you need to start playing with either friends, relatives or work colleagues.

Don’t miss our in-depth explanation of the game in this guide.

Verus Sports TG415 Deluxe Portable Pickleball Set

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First, in our recommendations, we have the Versus Sports Deluxe Portable Pickleball set. Later we will look at individual items, but first off, we are going to look at a full set, as it can save you some money.

This is a set that has all the pickleball equipment you need to enjoy the sport to the full. It includes a pickleball net, balls, and four paddles so you can play a rousing game of this great sport with all your friends.

The net has been made to the regulation size and has been constructed from durable and strong materials including powder-coated metallic poles and nylon. There are three poles that have wide bases that make sure it is as stable as it can be, even if you happen to be playing in windy and blustery conditions.

The central pole in the middle helps to make sure that the net hangs down at 34-inches. The way the poles have been designed means that they sit high enough with space below the net to allow for balls to roll underneath.  Setting the net up for play is very easy and involves a few simple snaps into place.

Alongside the hardy net, there are also three regulation-size balls and four standard-sized wooden-constructed paddles complete with wrist straps that make them easier to keep a hold of. So, if you lose it with your opponents or teammate, your paddle won’t go flying through the air and cause an injury. To complete the pickleball set, there is a carry bag included that makes it easy to transport and store the pickleball equipment away when it is not in use.

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USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System

pickleball net

Next on our list, if you don’t want to buy the complete set above, is the USAPA Portable Pickleball net system. This is an original design frame that basically snaps together very easily, making setup quick and hassle-free.

It is an official piece of pickleball gear made by the USAPA, otherwise known as the USA Pickleball Association and is the regulation size of 22-feet wide by 36-inches high at the posts and 34-inches high at the central point.

The net has an oval post frame and features an enhanced support pole at the center and tension straps that can be adjusted to tighten or loosen it as necessary. The portability of this net means that it can be taken anywhere and it comes with a nylon carry bag, weighing just 32-pounds.

Thanks to the fact it is approved by the USAPA and its regulation size, this is a great investment for enjoying pickleball games in virtually all weather conditions and just about any location.

Obviously, the downside of this product compared to the full set is that you just get a net with this and nothing else. Besides that, there is an argument that this could be a slightly better net than the one in the set, but it’s very close really.

If you’re looking to play competitively then the regulation sizing of this one makes it the ideal choice.

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Gamma Court Marker Lines

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Along with the net above, other important pickleball accessories you need are these court markers from Gamma that help to mark out the pickleball court. This means you have all you need to create a pickleball court wherever you are.

Not only can these be used for pickleball, but virtually any kind of court-based sport such as tennis and badminton and they have been approved by the USTA for use with QuickStart tennis.

A pack of these court markers includes 12 non-skid, treaded lines that can create a 36-feet by 60-feet court. The 12 lines consist of eight straights (measuring 12 3/4-inches by 3-inches) and four corners (10 3/4-inches by 3-inches).

To suit your own needs and preferences they are available in two different bright and vibrant colors – blue and yellow. So, wherever you are, you can create a court suitable for playing on. The great thing is that if you invest in this and the pickleball kit above, or a combination of any of the other items, you have all you need to play the game.

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Tourna Strike USAPA Approved Outdoor Pickleballs (12 Pack)

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When you want to play pickleball and have the markers and the net highlighted above, what else do you need besides the paddles? Balls, that’s what. This pack of 12 are a great addition to any pickleball kit.

They have been designed and made with outdoor play in mind and are also fully approved by the USAPA for sanctioned and tournament play and meets both the specifications of the IFP and USAPA in terms of design, hardness, bounce, weight, and size.

Each ball has a weight of 24.5-grams and diameter of 74-millimeters and is ideal for players of all skill levels. Each ball also has 40 very small holes that have been drilled with precision to ensure that wind and other external forms of interference are reduced to ensure you have a straight and balanced flight pattern.

The balls give a nice and lively bounce with a medium hardness. This makes for very exciting and fun games of pickleball. To keep them safe and in one place when they are not in use and to help you transport them from one location to another, they come with a mesh bag that can be reused.

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Amazing’ Aces Pickleball Paddles and Pickleball Balls

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The final piece of the pickleball puzzle are pickleball paddles and this set includes two wooden paddles, four balls and one mesh bag to carry and store it all in. The paddles are made from durable and robust 7-ply maple wood. Each paddle consists of a cushion grip made from top quality PU and has ribbing around it to give you a better grip on it. There is also a wrist strap that means your paddle won’t go very far, even if you lose your temper.

The great thing is that even if you invest in the bag of pickleball balls above, you can still buy this set to get the paddles you need and have extra balls. After all, you really can’t have enough balls for keeping the games in play. So, if you want to enjoy a good game of pickleball, why not invest in this and hit the court with some opponents and break the paddles in.

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The Art of Pickleball: Techniques & Strategies for Everyone

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A great companion to all the fun pickleball gear above is this paperback book, The Art of Pickleball : Techniques and Strategies for Everyone. This, as the name suggests, is the ideal guidebook to playing pickleball. It gives you all you need to know about not just the basics, but advanced strokes, alongside excellent tips for defensive and offensive strategies, gamesmanship, mental conditioning, and doubles play.

You can even learn all about the finer points of pickleball safety, ethics, and etiquette. Not only that, but the book contains lots of drills that have been specifically devised to help pickleball players of all skill levels develop shots that are recommended for improved play.

There is also a supplement for any teachers looking to use this with their classes and provides tests and answers. If you have bought previous editions, you will still benefit from what the fourth edition adds to this great book.

Even if you have been playing the sport for some time now, there is always more you can learn. Nothing beats hands-on experience, of course, but it can be good in your downtime from actual playing to brush up on your skills.

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Well, there you have it guys, our look at some of the best pickleball accessories available. One of the best things about a sport like pickleball is that it is not elitist in any way, shape or form. It literally is for anyone and everyone.

That is what we wanted to show with the look at the various pieces of pickleball gear above. Regardless of your budget, your level of experience and skill, you can get playing pickleball. We know not everyone has access to a pickleball court close to them, but with this kit, you don’t have to.

There are two great nets that you can choose from, with one having the added bonus that it is part of a complete pickleball kit and the other being a great choice because it is made from tough equipment and has been fully approved.

The paddles, balls, and makers are also must buys, especially if you are not getting the kit (though, really if you want to start a collection or are looking to set up a mini-tournament, it might be a good idea to invest in more). All of the above products are made from high-quality materials and to regulation sizes and forms.

To complete our review, we also looked at the great book about pickleball for beginners (though we feel that even experts and seasoned amateurs will benefit from it too). We hope you have enjoyed reading this review and we do hope it helps you to get started with your foray into learning and playing the great and fun sport of pickleball.

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